The Pat Stilwell Band

The Pat Stilwell Band specializes in tight high energy rock infused contemporary and original blues.  The lineup consists of Pat on guitar, lead vocals, and electric violin, Michael McGinty on keys, Kirk Bryant on bass and vocals, and Doug Adair on drums and vocals.  The bands repertoire is a mix of rock infused blues, including a selection of Pat's originals from his two self-titled CD's.  The band's live sets are all about bringing energy, top flight musicianship, and just plain groove to every show.  Check out the Audio page for tunes from Pat's two CDs, "Kaleidoscope" and "Tales From The Riverside".


"I've known Pat for about 5 years now, and he is one of the smoothest and most creative players around.  Always very musical with his ideas...a real guitar player's guitarist.  And on top of that, he sings great, is a strong songwriter, and chooses material you don't hear all the time, which is very refreshing to hear.  I see lots of players come through town, and Pat is one of the few I would pay to go see."   -  Kevin Selfe, blues musician and Delta Groove recording artist.

"Versatility and variety in performing music is key.  Not only to keep the audience's attention, but in being a band mate, where keeping everything fresh and fun is the name of the game! Pat Stilwell is the full meal deal, tasty licks and a buffet of grooves that leaves you coming for seconds."  -  Rae Gordon, The Rae Gordon Band


"What can I say WOW !!! You are truly amazing ..  If you haven't seen him your missing something truly special." -  Sharon Flaherty, owner, Vinyl Tap Bar & Grill blues club, Portland, OR